We stock both sets of poles made by Nordixx Pole Walking Canada Inc. Each set comes with a free carry bag, sand baskets and instructions.

To purchase: Contact Peggy and Jim @ 905-668-4638 or order on line @ Nordixx



Traveler Poles – $79.95 + HST

Perfect for instructors, regular walkers and those who like to travel

  • 3 Segment Twist-Lock Systems
  • Adjustable from 55 cm to 135 cm – 21 in to 53 in
  • Detachable Hand Loops, ergonomically shaped for right and left hand
  • Fits in a Carry-on Suit Case
  • Handles:  “easy-to-clean” comfortable EVA coating
  • Hand Loops: Comfortable fit with “Click-off-System”
  • Removable sand baskets
  • All-Terrain-Use:  Removable Rubber Tips for hard surfaces; Carbide tip for soft surface



Walker Poles – $69.95 + HST

Perfect for regular walkers, schools and seniors

  • Lightweight -83cm -143cm or 33in. – 56in
  • 2-segment Shaft, Twist-Lock System.
  • 2-segment Shaft, Twist-Lock System.
  • Removable sand baskets
  • Grip: Comfortable EVA sweat absorbing coating.
  • Hand Loops: Ergonomically shaped for right and left hand; soft no rub material.
  • All-Terrain-Use: Removable Rubber Tips for hard surfaces; Carbide tip for soft surface.


Rubber Tips – $8.95 + HST

  • Ideal for all hard surfaces


Nordic Pole Walking Bag – $10.00 + HST

  • Pole walking bags are made of nylon and very convenient for carry your poles.
  • They are durable and washable.


Snow baskets – $11.95 + HST

  • Perfect for walking on snow
  • For all Nordixx Poles


Fanny Pack -$19.95 + HST

  • has 2 zip pockets (one large to hold a passport, the other can hold a phone or change)
  • includes a small water bottle holder



Wrist Straps – $14.95 + HST

  • Replacements available for both styles of poles



Pedometer – $29.95 + HST

  • Track your steps with this tailor-made pedometer
  • Piezoelectric accelerometer technology
  • Silent operation with no moving parts ensure longer life expectancy
  • Large 6 digit bilingual display that is easy to read and counts up to 999,999 steps and 99 hrs of activity time
  • Protective cover and delayed reset that insure your totals don’t clear accidentally
  • Replaceable battery, as well as battery saving



The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book By Dr Klaus Schwanbeck   – $27.95 +HST

 The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking book describes how this low impact, easy to learn technique results in substantial health and fitness benefits. Nordic Pole walking is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book; is an easy-to-follow guide that teaches readers correct pole walking techniques and how to use them to achieve their  health and fitness goals. It also includes expert advice and information on weight loss, nutrition, and how to integrate these exercises into your daily routine, as well as tips on how to buy the right kind of equipment.