Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

You need a pair of Nordic Poles, sneakers and adequate dress according to your local climate.

Where can I Nordic Pole Walk?

Nordic Pole Walking can be performed on literally any surface, just about anywhere. On hard surfaces (pavement) you will use the rubber tips. On clay, sand, soil and grass you can remove the rubber tips.

Which parts of my body are being trained/exercised?

Nordic Pole Walking trains and exercises 90% of your body muscles (over 600 muscles!), the cardiovascular system and also burns calories – all in one exercise!

How does the training affect my upper body?

Nordic Pole Walking involves approximately 90% of your muscles and engages your upper body and arm muscles.

Is Nordic Pole walking good for cardiovascular training too?

Nordic Pole Walking increases your heart rate by approximately 15 beats per minute.

How much does Nordic Pole Walking increase energy consumption?

Nordic Pole Walking increases your energy consumption by approximately 20%.

How does Nordic Pole Walking lead to an erect body posture?

Nordic Pole Walking leads to stabilization in the spinal musculature and upright body posture by the very nature of the exercises.

How many calories are burned in one hour of Nordic Pole Walking?

Nordic Pole Walking increases burning of calories by up to 46% in comparison to walking exercise without Nordic Poles.

Is Nordic Pole Walking good for my neck and shoulder mobility?

Nordic Pole Walking significantly increases the lateral mobility of your neck and spine.

Is there less impact to the joints than with jogging or running?

Nordic Pole Walking reduces the impact on your knee and hip joints by 30%.

Does Nordic Pole Walking help reduce pain?

Nordic Pole Walking mitigates pain and muscle tension in the neck, shoulder and back regions.

What is the correct length of the poles I should be using?

The correct length of the poles is 65% of your body height.

Should I use adjustable or non-adjustable poles?

Beginners should start with adjustable Nordic Poles.

What is the difference between Nordic Walking Poles and ski and/or hiking poles?

The hand loops on Nordic Poles are designed to perform the correct technique and to achieve the most benefits for the upper body muscles. You cannot use hiking or ski poles for Nordic Pole Walking because they are designed for different purposes.